Dr. J.E. Shankel, District Superintendent Emeritus, Church of the Nazarene

I am excited and anxious to recommend to you, Evangelist Michael D. Adams for evangelistic ministries on your district and in your local church.  I have been a district superintendent for 27 years (17 in Maine and 10 in Northwestern Ohio), and have used the services of Michael "D" more times in camp meetings and local church evangelistic campaigns than any other single evangelist.  The reason is simple.  First, he relates well to congregations of all ages and social backgrounds.  He relates as well to the youth of our churches as he does to the "senior citizens".  After a Youth Night at our NWO District Center in which a number of "senior's" were also present, a man in his 80's remarked to me at the end of the service, "I wish I had heard that preacher when I was a young man."  Second, he simply "gets the job done".  Without question, Mike has been the most popular camp meeting evangelist I have ever worked with.  People constantly asked me, "When is he coming back again?"

You will find him to be both faithful and fair to our distinctive Wesleyan doctrine of entire sanctification.  He has the ability to make both the message of salvation and the experience of heart holiness both practical and inviting.  Mike has a unique sense of humor which he uses to great advantage in both his preaching and social settings.  He is easy to entertain and I have always felt I had been encouraged and uplifted by being in his presence.  You will quickly learn that he is a serious student of the Word of God and has clear views on the various matters of Biblical truth.  His ministries as a pastor in local churches as well as the many years he has served in full time evangelistic ministries combine to uniquely equip him to serve the needs of your congregation.  I am delighted to add my recommendation to his ministry.

Mark Hollingsworth, First Church of the Nazarene, Edmond, Oklahoma

We haven't had a revival in some time - largely do to the fact that folks didn't attend. They would come on Sunday and Wednesday when we normally had services, but the in between was scarce. The Lord put it on my heart to give it another try, and when I heard Rev. Michael Adams at our district family camp I knew that he was the evangelist I would call. We started the revival on Sunday morning and our people were hooked! Mike connected with everybody from the young to the old! His energy and passion is contagious, and he makes it easy for people to respond to the Good News! Mike gets it! I like Mike!

David Munson, Mt. Carmel High School Headmaster

"Mike has a heart to share the gospel with anyone. He is always prepared to speak when he is scheduled. His passion and love for people is exceptional. His message is delivered under the power of the Holy Spirit." Service Category: Mike is an excellent evangelist and can work cross-culturally and with youth Year first hired: 2006 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Michael E. Hull, Senior Pastor Clearlake Nazarene in Houston TX

I want to recommend an outstanding evangelist as you consider future revivals, outreach and evangelistic events in your church. Mike Adams is a highly effective and gifted communicator of the gospel. He has that wonderful and rare gift of communicating the word of God with such simplicity and clarity that his preaching transcends age and ethnic and socio-economic differences and powerfully draws his listeners whether saved or unsaved to open themselves up to the voice of God for their lives. He has the message and the anointing to make a wonderfully positive difference in your Church services or extended ministry events. I highly recommend this Spirit anointed man of God.

W.E. McCumber, Former Pastor Gainesville First Nazarene, Gainesville, GA

Mike Adams is a good friend and a good preacher.  He is unique, sincere, humorous and courageous.  He speaks the truth in love.  I have worked with him in campmeetings and his fellowship and messages made me a better person and a better preacher.   As a pastor, I recently engaged him for revival services and he greatly helped me and my people.  He and Elizabeth are down-home, unpretentious and salt-of-the-earth persons.  I commend them warmly and unreservedly.

Lane Loman, Evangelist, Church of the Nazarene

It has been my joy to meet, get to know, and work with Mike and Elizabeth Adams.  Mike and I shared preaching responsibilities at a camp meeting.  Our friendship developed quickly and there was a spirit of mutual support as we shared in preaching the Word of God.
Mike's ability to deliver the Word of God effectively is obvious from the moment he begins to speak.  His unique preaching style of mixing humor with biblical truth relates to people of all ages.
I believe God continues and will continue to use Mike and Elizabeth as they pursue their work in revival and evangelism ministry.  I highly recommend this wonderful Spirit-filled couple to anyone seeking special workers for revival and evangelistic outreach.

David E Downs, West Texas DS, Church of the Nazarene

It is a privilege for me to commend to you my friend and colleague, Rev. Mike Adams, evangelist.  We have used Mike on our district in several capacities including Lay Retreat speaker and Camp Meeting evangelist.  He has been very well received by our people.  The invitations have always been fruitful following his preaching.

Mike's unique sense of humor opens many doors into the hearts of our people, yet, his message is filled with insight and deep truths. 
He is a supporter of pastors. God's anointing is obviously upon his ministry.  We look forward to using him again...often.

Rev. Rodney Lindsay, Calvary Church of the Nazarene, Goose Creek, SC

I have had Michael Adams as an evangelist in my church three times for revival meetings and Faith Promise Sunday. Mike communicates the Gospel in a dynamic and inspirational manner. He endears himself to the congregation through humor that allows him to proclaim truth which they readily respond to, even though he may "step on their toes." I recommend Mike Adams as an evangelist to any pastor and congregation that would like to experience revival and renewal." 

Norman Moore, Tenured Evangelist, Church of the Nazarene

I have had the blessing of preaching with Mike Adams in five district camp meetings.  His messages are strongly biblical, directly need oriented and seasoned with tasteful humor.
He offers a respectful invitation after his message; and I've witnessed the Lord bless with wonderful results at the altar!

Mike and Elizabeth make a great team in evangelism; they are making a positive difference, one church at a time.  Churches and districts will benefit from their effective ministry.

AL Dicer, Free To Fly Ministries

Mike Adams is an outstanding communicator of God's Word.  His knowledge of the Word, His vibrant delivery, and his passion for souls make him an extraordinary evangelist.  His creative messages speak to all ages and his contagious spirit will endear him to your congregation.  My recommendation comes without reservation. 

Pastor Rodger Moyer, Sturgis Evangelical Church

I've had both the privilege of having Mike Adams in my church for revival and in preaching along side of him as co-evangelist at a church camp-a blessing in both instances.  Mike presents the message of holiness with clarity, enthusiasm and humor.  The humor always brings one back to a clear checking of their soul, a tremendous gift!   I highly recommend him!

Brenda Williamson, Georgia District Church of the Nazarene

Michael Adams – what can I say?  He is a very dynamic, challenging evangelist.  His no-nonsense approach to sharing the Gospel is uniquely his and his ministry touches the heart through his light hearted spirit before coming in for the moment of Truth that one must face. I’ve heard Michael Adams in several settings:  camp meetings, revivals and as a retreat speaker.  He does an admirable job challenging people to receive Christ.  His quiet, unassuming wife, Elizabeth, is a valued asset to him through her prayer life and her unfailing support of him.

I gladly recommend him as a minister of the Gospel and as a friend.